Couple Counselling

With the busyness of our modern lives we do not always take time to nurture or protect our relationships which can drift away from love to boredom, from intimacy to loneliness, from understanding to open disagreement. There is no learners manual when it comes to long term relationship so its only natural for us to use those relationship behaviors we learned growing up. When these don’t work anymore it does not always mean we have fallen out of love with our partner, it can just means its time to learn new skills. If you agree with any of the following statements then it may be time for a relationship tune up:-
a) I am unhappy about the way we communicate
b) I feel my partner does not understand me
c) I am not happy about the way we make decisions
d) I am concerned about the way we handle conflict
e) I am not happy about the way we spend our leisure time
f) I find it difficult to talk about sexual issues.