Overcoming Bipolar Disorder is about more than just medication. The latest research shows that learning specific skills to manage bipolar can reduce symptoms and help maintain a more balanced life. If you are experiencing any combination or the majority of the below symptoms it may be time to talk about it.
Depressive symptoms include:-
a) Experiencing low or depressed feelings or mood with high or manic feelings and not much in between.
b) Moods swinging markedly and going up beyond the ups and downs beyond the downs that come with everyday life.
c) No pleasure in usual activities and or becoming unrealistically hopeless, pessimistic or guilty.
d) The inability to sleep and the loss of appetite or eating too much.
Manic symptoms include:-
a) A much higher than normal up mood and being overly happy or optimistic
b) Feelings of being speedy or racing as if you have too much energy
c) Thoughts or words racing so fast its hard to keep up with them.
d) Becoming unrealistically confident or optimistic.