Donna Azar

Donna AzarDonna-Marie Azar Dip. Adv Dip. QMACA & QMPCA

Individual and Couples Counsellor –   0414693862

Donna Azar is a qualified counsellor – she did her training at the Australian Institute of Family Counselling where she has obtained an Advanced Diploma in Family Counselling. AIFC training uses a holistic approach studying Psychology, Spirituality and Theology. Donna uses all 3 aspects in her counselling whilst totally respecting and honouring the client’s own worldview in the areas of faith and/or belief systems.

Donna draws on her own life experiences. One of those is being in a cross cultural marriage for over 30 years where she has worked with her husband running and owning small businesses as well as being a mother. Donna herself was brought up in a single parent family, whilst was much loved knows on a personal level the impact that can have on a child. Then to also experience family as a parent and partner within a marriage has highlighted the differences families experience and it is within all these experiences throughout her life a desire developed to work with individuals, couples and families to have self- worth and skills to navigate the difficulties of life and relationships and these are the primary reasons Donna chose to make her desire a reality and become a counsellor.

Donna has a private practice at Maroubra as well as having a room at City-Care Waterloo. Her approach is an eclectic style which she maintains through her commitment to the continued development of her therapeutic skills such as communication and conflict resolution as well as the continued training in models such as Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

All these skills and models are part of a framework that looks at the past as well as the present, which creates a pathway for clients to establish insight and healing for themselves within the counselling process. Whether she is working with an individual or a couple her focus is on working relationally and collaboratively with the client/clients to create a safe, respectful and empathetic therapeutic environment.